Program for the production of steel structures

PEINER screws for steel structures

Screws for steel structures should have a number of special features - such as strict quality criteria (guaranteeing absolute screw reliability and building safety) or perfect use of screw strength.

PEINER has been around for over 80 years and it is an ideal choice for builders and designers. The hexagon head, metric threaded cylindrical shaft and ultrasonic testing make PEINER screws a clear number one in the field of steel fasteners.

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FRIEDBERG screws for steel structures

Friedberg screws are of equally high standards

High strength screw assemblies, nuts and washers are used in many types of steel structures, especially for galvanised and flame galvanised surfaces. These high strength kits are mainly used for friction and rigid joints. Thanks to the tightening torque and pre-load ratio, these assemblies provide a high level of safety in use. The functional and mechanical properties of high-strength assemblies are checked by extensive tests that are part of continuous production tracking. The highest test torque according to DIN 946 is applied in one of these tests (tightening torque of 15000 Nm max, preload max. of 1800 kN) and guarantees maximum product safety.

Download a catalogue with technical parameters